The 9 to 5 Grind (Powered Personnel Book 1)

The 9 to 5 Grind (Powered Personnel Book 1)
Series: Powered Personnel, Book 1

Trouble Brews in the 9 to 5 Grind

Experience the universal workplace of action and adventures. Book 1 of the Powered Personnel sci-fi fantasy series features a collection of office hero stories and pictures.

The Big Startup – Chloe Ceres, a project management giant, begins building a new company for Green Ventures Unlimited. On her first day, she faces a high-stakes rescue mission that imperils her job security.

The Hangry Hunter – Vanessa Locsolen is a designer beast working from home. While hunting for breakfast, she confronts gaming tourists who set her forest on fire as they played their app.

Agile Breakthrough – Lt. Felina Gatti was an activist against superpowered workplace bias. After a failed kidnapping stunt, she now has superpowers of her own. She must rely on her agile training to escape a bad hero deal.

Tough As Gold – Oriana Chandroni joins Macmor and navigates the high-powered corporate world at GVU. A high-stakes boardroom showdown tests her will as she confronts the CFO who almost cost Oriana her life.

Iced Support – A new short story. Nieve Cristwynn, investigates an overheating laptop during tech support. But she stumbles upon a room of overworked and overloaded workers. Nieve must cool down her clients before they go critical.

This book has scenes of violence, mature themes and drama which may make this book unsuitable for younger and sensitive readers.

Seriously, these high-powered people are in a bad mood if they struggle to get their coffee in the morning. Vanessa, in particular, lays f-bombs and eats her prey for breakfast.

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