The Armageddon Girl Collection: New Olympus Omnibus

The Armageddon Girl Collection: New Olympus Omnibus
Series: New Olympus Saga
Published: 2014

Gathered in a single tome, the first three books of the superhero-alternate history series by C.J. Carella.

Armageddon Girl: Gamer chick Christine Dark is transported to a world where people with superpowers have existed since the 1920s and have created a brave new world of larger-than-life heroes and villains. After joining forces with a faceless vigilante and other unusual heroes, Christine discovers she has the power to save that world – or destroy it.

Doomsday Duet: Christine Dark and Face-Off must face their inner demons while they try to save Earth Alpha, a world where superheroes are real and danger is everywhere. Can a former gamer chick endowed with cosmic powers and a murderous vigilante deal with their differences – and their growing attraction for one another – and escape the shadowy forces hunting them?

Apocalypse Dance: Christine Dark and Mark Martinez face their greatest challege yet. Captured by the Dominion of the Ukraine, where they face torture and death, they must find a way to outsmart the Iron Tsar, escape, and deliver the world from utter destruction. Meanwhile, other heroes and villains forge alliances or battle each other as the fate of Earth Alpha, an alternate reality where superheroes are only too real, hangs in the balance.

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