The Blessed Many (The Extraordinary Series Book 2)

The Blessed Many (The Extraordinary Series Book 2)
Series: The Extraordinary Series, Book 2
Published: 2019

It’s never been so dangerous to be extraordinarily rare.

Rebecca Hunter thought being one of only a hundred people in the world with super powers would be amazing, especially since she can transport to anywhere on the globe. But in Becca ‘s time with Project Lightning she’s lost one friend, another was taken, and another decimated her trust. And that all happened during her first and only operation.

They might have found what they were looking for on their mission, but it was only a small piece of a terrifying puzzle. The missing children of agents with Project Lightning aren’t being kidnapped for ransom, but for something much worse.

Becca is willing to sacrifice herself to find her friend and the children, and she’ll crisscross the world in order to do it. But the closer she and the other agents get to finding them, the more they realize that someone at Project Lightning is playing both sides.

The Blessed Many is the second novel in The Extraordinary Series, a fast-paced urban fantasy romance filled with mystery, intrigue, and secret agents wielding supernatural powers, sure to capture any reader who enjoys science fiction romance or YA superhero fiction.


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