The Calling: Red Stag & the Wild Hunt vol. 1

The Calling: Red Stag & the Wild Hunt vol. 1
Series: Red Stag & the Wild Hunt, Book 1

For generations, the Castile family has secretly protected Cobalt City under the guise of legendary archer, The Huntsman. But all things come to an end, and Marcus Castile soon finds the legacy he’s trained his whole life to assume crumbling around him. For someone who had his whole life planned out, it’s a wakeup call. Marcus starts over in the rundown seaside commjnity of Innsmouth under a new identity with his best friend at his side and with his young cousins busily training to take over a mantle that no longer exists. But Innsmouth has been neglected by the city’s heroes for too long, a forgotten criminal enterprise left to fester among the warped boardwalks and treacherous tides. The Huntsman may be retired, but Marcus Castile is not, and justice is a calling he cannot ignore. In this forlorn “amusement park town without the amusememt,” a new legend begins to grow about an antlered archer clad in red willing to stand against the ghostly pirate menace of The Corsair.

Following the events of Cobalt City: RESISTANCE, The Calling collects the ongoing adventures of Marcus Castile, the Libertine, and the young Aiden and Cole as they forge a new superhero legacy.

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