The Coming End: A Gay Superhero Romantic Adventure

The Coming End: A Gay Superhero Romantic Adventure
Series: Edge City Heroes, Book 1

Spotlight sleeps with a new guy every night, recognized more for appearing in corporate infomercials than being a superhero. After a sudden blackout, no one can get physically aroused. Desperate to get back to normal, Spotlight meets a prudish scientist, Gavin, hoping to find a cure.

After the superteam, the Crusaders, are put out of commission, Spotlight and Gavin are the planet’s last hope. They have to put aside their dislike for each other to save the world. Yet the more time they spend together, the more they discover how much they need each other.

Features a thrilling enemies-to-lovers romance, high heat and spicy scenes, plus tentacles, spandex, and happy endings (both kinds!).

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