The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow
Series: Uber Heroes & Beta Humans, Book 1

A new age of heroes began in 2006 with the appearance of Earth’s first beta human – Dr. Nemesis, endowed with the might of a living titan. Next was the Flame, who possessed the ability to create and control fire. Then came the Crusader in 2007, the first uberhero, a costumed vigilante who fought crime. In 2019, a small group of these crimefighters banded together to form the Guild, America’s premier team of uberheroes.

In 2023, its members are Black Fury, the Blazing Scarab, Cerebex, the Crusader, Dr. Nemesis, Dynamic Man, the Fighting Yank, the Flame, Jinx, Kitten, and Magno. When an ancient evil returns, the Guild enters the fray when New York City comes under devastating attack. They must search for the source behind the attack when it becomes clear they are outmatched for the first time in the team’s existence.

This series reimagines Golden Age characters in public domain, placing them in the present.

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