The Devil Within (The Viral Superhero Series Book 5)

The Devil Within (The Viral Superhero Series Book 5)
Authors: ,
Series: The Viral Superhero, Book 5
Published: 2017

What happens when a superhero becomes the world’s greatest villain?

Ted Finley isn’t himself. Enslaved in his own mind, he’s forced to live the life of his deadliest enemy…

Erica LaPlante has lost hope. The treaty that torched her purpose may destroy everything she loves as well…

As Natalie fights her demons and Jennifer considers a new definition of family, Earth’s greatest threat looms large…

If Ted and his friends can’t work together, the world will come apart at the seams…

The Devil Within is the fifth book in The Viral Superhero Series, a saga of high-octane, super-powered adventure novels. If you like incredible abilities, bloodthirsty villains, and superhero support teams stepping into battle, then you’ll love Bryan Cohen & Casey Lane’s latest high school thrill-ride.

* This book is an edited and revamped new edition of a novel that was previously published as Veil to the Chief. *

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