The First Course: A SuperHarem Adventure

The First Course: A SuperHarem Adventure
Series: The Omegas, Book 1
Published: 2020

Charles Murphy’s superpower is useless. He can turn into a churro.

In a world where 1% of the population has powers, he’s quite below average; many would say he’s completely useless. And they have. At length. For years.

Despite his deep-seated desire to be a hero, his ability isn’t glamorous and can’t be used to fight crime, so he and a small cadre of similarly useless supers are relegated to Omega Team and told explicitly that all they will ever need to do is sit there and look pretty.

And while waiting to be called up to the big leagues, they might as well get laid, right?

Dangerous secrets will send the Omegas on an adventure none of them could have anticipated.

Can they step up to the plate and become the heroes they were meant to be?

Warning: this book contains explicit content and ridiculous situations that are suitable only for adults. But not, like, adult-y adults. More like teenagers who have adult bodies. (It’s lowbrow, is what I’m saying.) Reader discretion strongly advised. 18+ only.

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