The Hero Beat (The Conway Report Book 1)

The Hero Beat (The Conway Report Book 1)
Series: The Conway Report, Book 1
Published: 2016

Two superhuman factions clash at a Los Angeles refinery, leaving an inferno and a dead hero in the aftermath.

Now, one question is on everyone’s mind: How did local reporter Reuben Conway know to be on the scene? On the run from supervillains, the cops and a mysterious assassin, Reuben forms an unlikely alliance with the superhero Herculene as he races against time to learn who was really behind the attack. As they draw closer to unraveling the mystery and the villain’s plan nears completion, one final question comes to the fore. Can they thwart the scheme before it’s too late?


The Conway Report: Truth, Justice and the First Amendment

In the 1920’s, costumed superhumans started coming out of the woodwork. After almost a century of watching these powerful people do battle, well, most folks are kind of over the whole thing. It’s just another part of life. Unless something really big happens, people just get out of the way and hope insurance covers the damage.

Welcome to Los Angeles in the 21st Century, where a short attention span comes along with the palm trees.

One of the people who still think people who can fly and shoot laser beams out of their eyes are pretty cool, reporter Reuben Conway covers the superhuman community for the Los Angeles Beacon. Join him in his adventures in this strange world of secret identities, villainous plots, and titanic struggles.

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