The Murder of Crows Series Boxed Set

The Murder of Crows Series Boxed Set

Series: The Murder of Crows
Genre: Dystopian
Tags: First Person POV, Male Lead, Tone: Dark
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About the Book

“Everyone knows what happens to Crows; they go mad and they go bad.”

In the post-Break world of superpowers, necromancy is the one gift nobody wants. But an invitation to the Free States’ Academy of Superheroes means that same gift might be Damian Banach’s ticket to a brighter future… if only he can avoid the madness ingrained in his powers.

There has never been a Crow Cape, but Damian isn’t the sort to give up. He’ll take control of his destiny or die trying… and he just might bring the post-Break world to its knees along the way.

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