The Neighborhood Watch (Just Cause Universe Book 10)

The Neighborhood Watch (Just Cause Universe Book 10)
Series: Just Cause Universe, Book 10
Published: 2016

Seventh-grade Superheroes!

It’s not easy being a twelve-year-old superhero, but the five kids of the Neighborhood Watch are doing the best they can. La Capitána: super-strong flier. Wheels: brilliant inventor. Hothead: catches on fire. Breezy: controls wind. Rascal: super-skateboarding. From their headquarters built into a repurposed Winnebago, they patrol the streets and alleys of their small hometown and dream of being Big Time Heroes like Mustang Sally and the rest of Just Cause. Instead, they’re stuck rescuing cats stuck in trees . . . or they would be if their rivals didn’t get there first.

Three identical superpowered triplets, the Culture Club, are the darlings of local media. They never miss a photo opportunity or interview. They always seem to be in the right place at the right time. It just isn’t fair.

When La Capitána manages to stop a real supervillain, it changes everything for the Neighborhood Watch, and sets in motion a chain of events that will mean only one team can come out on top. Will the Culture Club win the day once more, or will the Neighborhood Watch prevail?

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