The Never Paradox (Chronicles Of Jonathan Tibbs Book 2)

The Never Paradox (Chronicles Of Jonathan Tibbs Book 2)
Series: The Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs, Book 2
Published: 2017

If you lost a piece of your memory…
Would you trust yourself to have made the right choices…
In the moments you can’t remember.

The Ferox assault has been escalating, drawing Jonathan into combat more and more frequently. With each passing day, he’s grown stronger. He can’t be certain, but his attackers seem to be getting… more dangerous?

…and, of course, Heyer is gone, again.

Then came the glitch. Unexpectedly pulled from battle, Jonathan finds he cannot recall the final moments of his last confrontation. Convinced that his memory loss was no accident, he must uncover the truth.

His only leads are a less than helpful artificial alien intelligence, and Rylee, a mysterious and possibly crazy woman, who seems to think they share a history he doesn’t remember.

With no means to contact the only being who can give him answers, and knowing he has gaps in his memory, Jonathan must make every move uncertain of the consequences. The blond man better show up soon, because events hidden in Jonathan’s lost memories may trigger a war humanity isn’t ready to fight.

Parental Warning: This series attempts to keep swearing to a minimum. However, the sequel has one unavoidable usage of the F-word. This is due to its presence in a direct quote taken from another piece of fiction.

The Never Paradox is book two in The Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs, readers who have not yet completed book one, The Never Hero, will have difficulty following.

“These books have made it into my fortress of solitude. The books, movies, and games you find yourself going back to– a few times a year– to enjoy all over again.”
~Amazon Reviewer, Mark Sawhill | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“I loved the philosophy and heart of this story.”
~Amazon Reviewer, Rachel Kyle | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“The series is exciting and tense, but at the same time has a depth of characterization often lacking in Science Fiction and tackles some fairly deep philosophical/moral concepts without sacrificing the action.”
~Amazon Reviewer, Navarre | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
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