The Path Of The Nightmare

The Path Of The Nightmare
Series: The Living Nightmare, Book 2
Published: 2018

An adrenaline rush from start to finish. J. J. Carlson shines with his newest near-future thriller in the Jarrod Hawkins series.

DARPA spent billions researching genetic modification and neural rewriting, then tried to create the perfect soldier. Instead, they created a nightmare.

Jarrod Hawkins is no longer human. He has become a living weapon—cold, calculating, and unstoppable. After escaping an underground laboratory, his subconscious sends him on a mission of vengeance. He travels to Africa and begins tearing apart a human trafficking ring, leaving blood and whispered tales in his wake.
Meanwhile, Daron Keeler and Eugene Carver learn of an impending attack on the Pentagon. They race against time, chasing a shadowy terrorist organization that always seems to be two steps ahead. As casualties mount, they quickly realize they have only one option—to summon The Nightmare.

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