The Persistence of Memory Book 4: W.I.S.E. Men

The Persistence of Memory Book 4: W.I.S.E. Men

Series: The Persistence of Memory, Book 4
Genre: Romance
Tags: LGBT+, M/F, M/M
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About the Book

One man shouldn’t be alive.
One man shouldn’t be in love.
One man shouldn’t exist.
None of them wanted to be a superhero.

U.S. Army Lieutenant Kevin Rye is the sole survivor of a missile attack on his helicopter in Somalia. His old friend, Rob Fisher, has created a suit that allows him to function. It gives him superpowers and chronic pain.

Corporal Graham Beech, an uncannily talented, womanizing marksman with enhanced senses, has just become a U.S. Army Ranger. His future in the military is bright until he falls in love with his friend, Steven Amato.

They are headed toward a crash collision in a race to stop a terrorist from finding Daniel Hecht, a mythological man who, according to an ancient prophesy, will help save the world from itself.

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