The Renegades Book 1: Renegades Rise

The Renegades Book 1: Renegades Rise

Series: The Renegades, Book 1
Genre: Middle Grades
Tags: Capes & Cowls, First Person POV, Superhero Teams
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About the Book

They’re Heroes…ignore the ‘Wanted’ posters.

The Hero Society is the most powerful group of heroes in the world. And the most controlling. Any hero who does not sign on with them is hunted down as a villain. Sparrow, Geo, Stellar, Xaphan, Magix, and M5 all know this too well. For one reason or another they are all hunted by the Hero Society. But if you think that will stop them from being heroes, then you don’t know… The Renegades!

Things Change. Claire used to be a sidekick. Ethan used to be part of a super-villain gang. Valerie used to be a scientist. Xaphan used to live in the Underworld. M5 used to be a mindless robot. Mike used to be a normal thirteen year old boy. And none of them used to be wanted by the Hero Society. But now these six will unite to become a new group of heroes, ones who won’t follow the Hero Society’s strict rules. This is when the Renegades Rise.

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