The Superhero’s Prison (The Superhero’s Son Book 8)

The Superhero’s Prison (The Superhero’s Son Book 8)
Series: The Superhero's Son, Book 8
Published: 2016

Betrayed by the government, Kevin Jason (Bolt) finds himself in the best and only prison for supervillains in the country, but without knowing why. He soon allies himself with some of the prisoners in order to devise an escape plan to get him out of the prison and figure out why he was thrown behind bars in the first place. And escape becomes even more urgent when a supervillain who looks exactly like him suddenly appears in the country and begins causing havoc and chaos wherever he goes.

Now Kevin must escape from prison and defeat this supervillain all the while discovering the truth behind his villainous doppelganger. If he fails, then not only will he remain jailed for the rest of his life, but the country itself will be torn apart by a villain who seeks nothing less than its destruction.

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