The Superhero’s Return (Lightning Bolt Book 1)

The Superhero’s Return (Lightning Bolt Book 1)
Series: Lightning Bolt, Book 1

The Superhero’s Son returns in a brand new adventure!

Eighteen-year-old Kevin Jason (Bolt) wants respect. Despite saving the world more times then he can count, older superheroes still treat him like a kid. Not helping matters is his own impulsive nature, which gets him into trouble as often as it helps him save lives.

Respect from his fellow superheroes becomes the last thing on his mind, however, when an infamous serial killer makes him his next target. This serial killer specializes in killing superhumans and he won’t give up until Bolt is dead.

Now Bolt must find and stop this serial killer before he strikes again, a seemingly impossible task when Bolt doesn’t even know who he is. But if Bolt can’t stop the serial killer, being treated like a kid by his fellow superheroes will be the least of his problems.

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