The Superhero’s Summit (The Superhero’s Son Book 3)

The Superhero’s Summit (The Superhero’s Son Book 3)
Series: The Superhero's Son, Book 3
Published: 2016

As the new leader of the most famous young superhero team in the country, Kevin Jason has lots of new responsibilities, ranging from fighting criminals and supervillains to encouraging his teammates whenever they doubt themselves. But Kevin is most looking forward to the annual Neohero Summit at the end of the month, where leaders from the two largest superhero organizations—the Neohero Alliance and the Independent Neoheroes for Justice—in the country will meet to discuss forming a new alliance between them.

Tensions rise, however, when Kevin and one of his teammates are nearly killed by someone who appears to work for the Independent Neoheroes for Justice, the rival superhero organization. And when Kevin discovers evidence that someone is manipulating both organizations into going to war against each other, a conflict that would destroy not just the superhero community, but the country as well.

Now Kevin must uncover the identity of the real villain before the Summit. If he fails, then the superhero community will be engulfed in a war that will destroy not just the country, but the whole world.

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