The Supervillainy Saga: Books 1-6

The Supervillainy Saga: Books 1-6

“Why save the world when you can rule it?”

Gary Karkofsky always wanted to be a supervillain. He gets his chance when a mysterious package is left on his front doorstep with the magical cloak of the Nightwalker, recently deceased protector of Falconcrest City. This allows him to become MERCILESS: THE SUPERVILLAIN WITHOUT MERCY.

However, Gary soon finds that he’s not quite evil enough to be the city’s Big Bad. Assembling a crew consisting of his ex-girlfriend, his wife, a once terrifying supervillain), Gary sets off on a series of mad and exciting adventures. Gary will fight extremist superheroes from the Nineties, hordes of zombies, evil cults, a time-traveling President from the future, and himself.

The Supervillainy Saga, Books 1-6 contains The Rules of Supervillainy, The Games of Supervillainy, The Secrets of Supervillainy, The Science of Supervillainy, The Tournament of Supervillainy, and The Future of Supervillainy. It is the tale of humanity’s best hero and worse villain, or is the other way around! Read and find out!

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