The Supervillainy Saga, Volume One

The Supervillainy Saga, Volume One

The best-selling superhero series is now available as a collection.

Gary Karkofsky has always wanted to be a supervillain. Ever since his infamous brother was killed an antihero, he’s secretly yearned to gain powers and take over the world. Gary gets his chance when the magical cloak of recently deceased superhero, the Nightwalker, is delivered right to his doorstep. But is he evil enough to be a supervillain? What will his wife think?

Follow Gary as he becomes Merciless: The Supervillain Without MercyTM. Gary will finds himself bouncing from one insane situation to another. Whether its recruiting his ex-girlfriend and a washed up mastermind as henchmen, fighting against villains like the Ice Scream Man, escaping from moon prisons, dealing with zombie apocalypses, or working against the insane president of the United States – Gary is always just barely keeping his head above water.

But maybe the world’s worst supervillain can be its best hero. Or at least a passable one.

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