The Terrors

The Terrors
Series: The Terrors, Book 1

The BLACK TERROR returns! But NOT as you remember him…

In 1940, the U.S. Government forced the super-heroic Terror Twins to give up their costumed identities and keep their loved ones safe. Thus, The Terror and Kid Terror retired to a mundane life of work, school, and home.

And to see their adventures whitewashed and reduced to comic book propaganda as “The Black Terror.”

But two years later, The Terror puts on his mask again to fight political corruption, organized crime, and illicit drugs in Raceway City.

As The Terror navigates this dangerous new landscape, he encounters a former New York City cop with his own set of wild powers. But is he friend or foe?

Can The Terror become the hero Raceway City needs, or will his return to action be cut short by the beguiling and dangerous Sylvia Devereaux?

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