The Ultimate Agent – Complete Series: Book 1, Helios Files, Book 2 & 3

The Ultimate Agent – Complete Series: Book 1, Helios Files, Book 2 & 3

Series: The UA Series, Book 0
Genres: Boxed Set, Science Fiction
Tags: Action, Superhero Teams, Tone: Light
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About the Book

If you’ve been a long-time fan of this series, don’t hesitate to finish it out and if you’re new and trying to decide if it’s worth your time, DO IT! ~ Bibliogal Blog

Life lessons delivered with laughter and love are the hallmark of a Borne world. And everyone can always use more laughter and love. So, if you’re already a Borne fan, this is a must-read. If you’re debating on whether to give this author a chance, I scream, YES! ~ The Lawless Land of Books

“Derek Borne definitely has a super creative noggin when it comes to writing, and above all else, this is what makes me come back to read his books again and again.” ~ Caffeine & Legends Book Blog

“The Ultimate Agent” series includes:

  • Bantering superhero spies with a penchant for pizza.
  • High-tech gadgets that you’ll wish were real.
  • Blockbuster-worthy action and sweet, charming romance.
  • Bigfoot, Mothman, Loch Ness Monster, the Michigan Dogman, a Kraken (because why not?), and a freaking Minotaur!
  • Twists that will make you question everything.
  • Story with heart that will have you cheering for more.
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