The Villain’s Sidekick (The HandCannon Files Book 1)

The Villain’s Sidekick (The HandCannon Files Book 1)
Series: The HandCannon Files, Book 1
Published: 2013

What are the critics saying about “The Villain’s Sidekick”?

“It’s like Stan Lee and Walker Percy had a lovechild.”
Joel Hodgson,
Mystery Science Theater 3000/Cinematic Titanic

“With a lot of genuine emotion, and characters that you can’t help getting invested in…Villain’s Sidekick owes a huge debt to Donald Westlake or Elmore Leonard.”
Charlie Jane Anders,

“Fans of film noir and true crime whodunits will relish The Villain’s Sidekick…it’s pure entertainment…”
Claire Palermo

“…a tightly wound adventure filled with great humor, hyper magniloquence, and preposterous characters. Compared to everything else in our tiny genre bubble, Brophy has written the perfect novel.”
Eric Searleman

“This is one of the very best books I’ve read this year, and I give it my highest recommendation.”
Jonathon Brazee,

“The real coup, plot-wise, for this novella is the way the story sneaks up and twists before the reader fully realizes it.”
Jodi Scaife,

“I found myself doing that thing that I do when I really like a book: Putting it down and drawing it out so I couldn’t finish. Alas, I did. And I wanted more.”
Kristin Stadum
Candy Sandwich

When professional henchman Duke “HandCannon” LaRue runs afoul of the city’s protector, Nightguard, and his spritely sidekick Twiliter during a routine smash and grab job, everything he thinks he knows about villainy, heroism, and making a fast buck is about to get turned on his steel-plated head. The job goes south in a hurry, and his supervillainous employer, Dr. Eye, is none-too-thrilled about it. But those complications are nothing compared to an unexpected custody visit from his six-year-old daughter, the kind of kid who thinks her deadbeat dad hung the moon, not tried to blow it up.

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