The Viral Superhero Series

The Viral Superhero Series
Authors: ,
Series: The Viral Superhero, Book 1 - 3
Published: 2017

When evil spreads, a hero will rise. Eventually…

3 books. 700+ pages of power-packed action from two USA Today bestselling authors!

Ted Finley just got his heart broken, but a gang of possessed thugs plan on breaking more than that. When a supervillain threatens to kill innocent people, a blue light from another world gives the nerdy teen superhuman abilities. After a video of his heroism goes viral, he becomes both a celebrity and a target…

As he navigates school and life with his newfound fame, Ted doesn’t realize his biggest challenge lies ahead. It turns out that the new superhero isn’t the only one with incredible powers. And until he can sort out friend from foe, Ted may be the only person who can keep a devious foe from taking over the world.

The Viral Superhero Series: Books 1-3 includes the first three novels in a sci-fi saga of good vs. evil. If you like fast-paced thrillers, witty heroes, and ruthless villains, then you’ll love this high-octane series from USA Today bestselling authors Bryan Cohen & Casey Lane.

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