The Wraith: Danger Close (Superhero by Night Book 4)

The Wraith: Danger Close (Superhero by Night Book 4)
Series: Superhero by Night, Book 4
Published: 2019


I may be super, but I’m no hero. I have one rule: If you’re evil, you die. No trial, no judge, no mercy.

Madisun Dumas, aka The Wraith, is close to achieving her goals. She faked her own incarceration, now the government will leave her alone. She wiped out ISO-1 in South America and added their top man to her kill list… Then she found out who was really in charge…

An honest-to-God Alien. A creature called the Th’un who goes by the moniker, Mr. Axiom.

Taking on aliens is outside her wheelhouse and she knows it. There is only one person on Earth who can help her: Amelia Lockheart, the Full Metal Superhero.

There’s a problem, though. Madisun’s methods are a bit… extreme. Compared to Madi, Arsenal is a goody-two-shoes and working with her could cause a conflict Madisun doesn’t want.

Can the cold-blooded killer of men work with the superhero who is used to saving lives, not taking them?

Or will the alien kill two birds with one stone?

If Madi can’t make it work, getting along with the superhero community will be the least of her problems… the Th’un is out for revenge, and only every life on Earth will satisfy him.

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