The Wraith: Welcome Home (Superhero by Night Book 2)

The Wraith: Welcome Home (Superhero by Night Book 2)
Series: Superhero by Night, Book 2
Published: 2019

Killing is her art, and she’s about to paint her masterpiece!

Madisun has returned home to New Orleans, almost a year to the day her family was murdered. The people who did it are still free. The man who betrayed her is still alive. Justice is coming to the criminals of the city, justice without mercy.

Welcome home, Madi. Try not to burn the whole city down. 

From the bestselling author of the Full Metal Superhero comes an exciting new ongoing series set in the same world as Arsenal. The Wraith is 60,000 words of badassery done right. Buy it now and start enjoying justice served hot!

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