Trial: A Superhero LitRPG Adventure (VR Hero Book 2)

Trial: A Superhero LitRPG Adventure (VR Hero Book 2)
Series: VR Hero, Book 2

Reach the top! On his way to his next concert, Busker Burn is waylaid by the villainous Darkhold, the ruler of the Villain town of Blades. Darkhold despises digital immortality and anyone who promotes it. And, unfortunately, Busker just happens to be the current poster boy for the very concept itself.Yet Darkhold values fair play and offers Busker a chance to escape his fortress. Despite knowing how pitiful his odds are, Busker accepts. He has to, if he wants to make it to his next concert in time to save his career from the doppelganger impersonating him.Busker will need to use all of his wits, skills, powers, and knowledge to navigate the constantly-shifting layout of Darkhold’s fortress and defeat the Villain’s dangerous minions who lurk on every floor. But he will need far more to survive Darkhold himself.You’ll love this book because it has epic superhero action, absolutely ZERO harems, and 100% certified, farm-grown, all-natural LitRPG goodness.

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