Ultimate Arsenal (Full Metal Superhero Book 9)

Ultimate Arsenal (Full Metal Superhero Book 9)
Series: Full Metal Superhero, Book 9
Published: 2020


The ultimate threat requires the ultimate Arsenal!

Amelia is fresh from her victory over ARC when a massive hurricane strikes New Orleans. In the aftermath, a pile of bodies is found and all evidence points to the Wraith as the perpetrator.

Has the killer of evil lost her grip on reality and started murdering indiscriminately? Or is there something even more dangerous in the world than the Wraith?

With every superhero in North America gunning for Madisun Dumas, Arsenal has to race against the clock and stand up to her own teammates to prove the vigilante’s innocence.

If she doesn’t kill her first.

Ultimate Arsenal is the FINAL Book in the Full Metal Superhero series. Read now and enjoy 60,000 words of AWESOME. 

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