Vanguard: Heroes Divided: A Superhero Adventure

Vanguard: Heroes Divided: A Superhero Adventure
Series: Vanguard, Book 2

A team fractured!

Fearing potential repercussions from the international community, the new President ordered Vanguard disbanded following the defeat of the Red Fist. In their place is a new organization: Cerberus, a global peace-keeping agency designed to monitor the specials. With no purpose left, the remnants of Vanguard have returned to their normal lives.

But old habits—and enemies—die hard. The world still faces grave dangers from human and special alike. And lurking in the shadows is a threat greater than any they have encountered—one that spans time and space!

If you’re a fan of the X-Men or the Avengers, you don’t want to miss this stunning second volume of an all-new team of superheroes!

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