Vanguard: Heroes Fallen: A Superhero Adventure

Vanguard: Heroes Fallen: A Superhero Adventure
Series: Vanguard, Book 4

The war is over, the heroes failed!

Twenty years have passed since the alien invasion of Earth began and humanity has lost. The invaders have set up a new government run by their human co-conspirators, and the superhuman population is now imprisoned, used as forced labor, or subjected to inhumane experimentation.

But a new team of specials exists in the future, continuing the legacy of Vanguard. Together, they are the only source of resistance against the alien overlords. For years, their efforts have been valiant, yet futile. Now though, they have the opportunity to change their fate, if only they can send the mysterious Chronos into the past!

Explore the future in the fourth volume of Percival Constantine’s superhero epic!

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