Vanguard: Heroes Resilient: A Superhero Adventure

Vanguard: Heroes Resilient: A Superhero Adventure

Series: Vanguard, Book 3
Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Contemporary, Modern, Superhero Teams
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About the Book

The invasion is coming!

Vanguard is back in action! And this time, they have more autonomy than ever before, plus the support of the new and improved Cerberus. Unfortunately, things are not going too well for the rest of the specials. The reemergence of an old enemy sparks distrust and hatred towards all specials and an underground fighting ring seeks to exploit specials for profit.

But a warning from the future will distract the team, making them suspect a traitor in the midst. With so much distrust, can the team and the entire planet unite in order to confront the threat of an alien invasion?

Percival Constantine’s exciting modern take on classic superheroes continues in its incredible third volume! Questions readers have been asking since the beginning of the series are answered while new surprises wait in the wings!

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