Vengeful Monsters (Forgotten Monsters Book 2)

Vengeful Monsters (Forgotten Monsters Book 2)
Series: Forgotten Monsters, Book 2

Marissa Summers didn’t mean to unleash a telekinetic blast, and she definitely had no idea it would put her mind-controlling mother, Claire, into a coma. But, either way, she’s finally free of that evil woman’s abuse.

Or so she thought.

Because Derik, a troubled stranger, is stalking her, and he knows way more about her life than he should. When he casts illusions that torment Marissa with memories of her traumatic past, it leaves little doubt he has some connection to Claire.

To make matters worse, Marissa soon discovers that Derik can mimic others’ powers, and now he’s after hers. There’s only one reason he could want her psychic abilities — to resurrect Claire.

Marissa is going to need backup, so she assembles a team of superpowered individuals to take on Derik. Because if he achieves his goal, Marissa will never be free from her mother’s control…and neither will anyone else.

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