Villain Town 2: Arch Enemy: A LitRPG Adventure

Villain Town 2: Arch Enemy: A LitRPG Adventure
Series: Villain Town, Book 2

From captive to conqueror.

Robert Baker, now the formidable supervillain Maelstrom, has seized control of the Dome, transforming it into a stronghold for his Maelstrom Mongers – fellow supervillains united under his command with the single goal of protecting his power.

But a new threat emerges in the Winter League, led by the ruthlessly pragmatic Hero, Winter, who seeks to crush the Mongers in their infancy. Outwitted and cornered, Maelstrom and his loyal Minions must venture beyond the Dome. Their mission: Unite Adventure City’s fractured and quarreling villainous factions, thwart the Winter League, and decode another enigmatic riddle left by Maelstrom’s grandfather.

“Arch Enemy” delivers pulse-pounding action, strategic battles, and a maze of alliances. As the line between hero and villain blurs, Maelstrom’s path navigates treachery and shifting loyalties. Will he emerge as Adventure City’s savior or downfall? Prepare for a suspenseful journey through power, loyalty, and the unyielding spirit of a supervillain turned leader.

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