Villain Town 3: Maelstrom: A LitRPG Adventure

Villain Town 3: Maelstrom: A LitRPG Adventure
Series: Villain Town, Book 3

The last riddle.

Maelstrom’s victory over the Winter League is short-lived. Disastrophe, the original supervillain from Capes Online’s beta era, rises to power with a sinister agenda: To escape the virtual world by seizing Maelstrom’s real-life body, even if it means his death.

With Adventure City at stake, Maelstrom forges unlikely alliances with heroes and villains alike to thwart Disastrophe’s deadly plan for him and the city as a whole. As chaos threatens to consume the city, Maelstrom races against time to defeat Disastrophe before she can escape the game and destroy both Adventure City and Maelstrom’s very life.

Prepare for an electrifying showdown, where power shifts, loyalties are tested, and the boundary between virtual and reality blurs.

Maelstrom delivers a heart-pounding conclusion to the Villain Town trilogy, combining strategic battles and unexpected alliances in a battle for both existence and identity.

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