WORKING CLASS HERO: The Autobiography of a Superhuman

WORKING CLASS HERO: The Autobiography of a Superhuman

When superhumans begin to show up, the US government steps in to…well…govern them. Billy B is one of the most powerful super folk around, leader of a team of similarly endowed characters headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and handled by Uncle Sam. Life is what you might expect for any group of workers put together for a common task, except that these people can pulverize concrete blocks with their bare hands, or fly through steel plate, or melt rock with a glance, or read your mind, or any of dozens of other abilities far beyond those of mortal man. Still, though, things seem to go according to Federal plan until a dozen Roman gods come back to Earth to pick up where they left off a couple of thousand years ago. At that point it’s up to Billy B and his super folk to keep the peace. Read it now, for the first time, from the pen of the baddest of the bad: Billy B in the first volume of his fully authorized autobiography.

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