Yellow Envy (Blood of the Masked God Book 3)

Yellow Envy (Blood of the Masked God Book 3)
Series: Blood of the Masked God, Book 3

What do you do after you rescue the daughter of a god who’s been trapped in limbo for two hundred years?

Bring her home with you, of course.

But when she saved Envy, Lily may have taken on more than she can handle.

Envy’s powers keep growing, but her grip on reality is slipping.

And there are other superpowered individuals who want to use Envy for their own purposes, and they know exactly where to find her.

All in a day’s work for Red Wrath.

Yellow Envy is the third installment of the Blood of the Masked God series. It will keep fans of superhero fiction and dark thrillers turning the pages!

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