Zero-Point Awakening – The Complete Series Books 1-8: A Military Sci-Fi Box Set

Zero-Point Awakening – The Complete Series Books 1-8: A Military Sci-Fi Box Set

Get The Zero-Point Awakening Box Set, featuring all eight books in this fan-favorite series. 1700+ pages—8 full novels—of alien invasion, assassins, scoundrels, and explosive military sci-fi action.

Having just initiated an alien invasion, most heroes would feel a certain level of responsibility…

Earth’s technology is evolving, but it’s not terrestrial scientists who have achieved the advances. An evil corporation has adapted alien technology in secret, but now the aliens are coming, and humanity is about to face its most devastating existential threat.

Elliot Goshawk is a wunderkind, trained from birth as an assassin. After his family is killed in suspicious circumstances, he buries himself in his university studies at Oxford, but he cannot escape his past when it comes hunting for him.

For Arthur Fortune, life as a mutated TV personality hasn’t lived up to his dreams. Maybe it wasn’t worth putting his ex-wife and daughter in second place to end up a D-list celebrity, after all. Worse, Hellinix’s genetic modifications don’t seem to have stopped. He’s still changing, but into what?

This unlikely duo might be the only thing standing between the Earth and total annihilation, but only if they can put aside their differences and work together.

The kid is a bomb that’s ready to go off, but for Arthur, he’s a second chance.

Enjoy this fast, furious and funny epic tale of an alien invasion and the struggle to save the planet.

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