In just over a month we’ve seen an amazing response to Superhero-Fiction. Independent authors of superhero novels have been sending requests to have their books listed, and our library is growing quickly as authors in our niche submit their uncanny novels.

As we continue to expand, there are two things we want to continue:

  1. Readers. While you’re looking through these awesome novels, sign up for our newsletter. Eventually we will be sending out promotions with deals and new titles that fans of superheroes will love. We’re be sure to protect you against super villain spam.
  2. Authors. We want you to continue submitting your books. Our goal is to become one-stop-shopping for fans of superhero novels. Upload your awesome work so we can continue sharing it!

We’re meeting some amazing authors and hearing great things from readers. We looking forward to expanding our league and have a few plot twists in the work for the future. Stay tuned.