Join superhero authors, Trish Heinrich and Jeremy Flagg as they geek out. They’ll be looking at the geek moments from history and gushing over the newest news in superhero comics, literature, movies and general pop culture. Join us as we geek out!

S1E12 – Sense8: It’s all about Love

Visit Superhero-Fiction for the Full Shownotes Trish - having a hard week, to be honest. The volatile emotions of her kids, remote learning, and the stress of the times we’re living in have created a perfect storm. She’s fighting the...

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S1E10 – Will The Real Batman Please Stand Up?

Trish - is trying to find a silver lining as the word comes down from the Governor of her state that schools are closed until the fall. Jeremy - Jeremy is preparing to release a short story and trying to patiently wait for his audiobook to come online. He’s failing...

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S1E09 – Hot Aliens, Locks, Sonnets & Picard, Oh My!

Trish -Finally getting some writing done! It feels so good and I’m gonna start outlining book three this week. Also proofing my audiobook, it’s slow going. Jeremy - I’ve submitted my Superhero romance to the publisher. I’ve started working on a superhero novella for...

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Geekorama Teaser

Authors Trish Heinrich & Jeremy Flagg promote their upcoming podcast, Geekorama. Subscribe now to get weekly podcasts about superheroes, pop culture and geekery.

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