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Welcome back to another episode of Geekorama, the podcast by geeks for geeks. We are sponsored by Superhero, the one stop shop for all your superhero novel needs. We are your hosts Jeremy Flagg and this week, it’s Mr. Trish Heinrich is guest hosting.


For this week’s episode of Geekorama, Mr. Trish Heinrich and Jeremy are talking about the comic book and movie adaptations of the X-Men’s junior team, the New Mutants. 




Jeremy – Magik – Limited Series (1983) – Written by Chris Claremont and John Buscema. This is a rough read. The origin story of Ilyana Rasputin and her emerging as a magic wielding mutant doesn’t hold up to modern comics. Claremont’s hokey dialogue and explanation of every action (which is redundant with the artwork) makes it a bit of a slog to read through. Having an innocent girl constantly whining kind of makes it hard to connect to the character that appears in New Mutants. 2 Capes (The concept is better than the execution).


Dan- Mockingbird (2016) #1-8, Hawkeye and Mockingbird (2010) #1-6 Mockingbird has undergone non stop abuse by the writers at Marvel and even when she gets her own limited run with Hawkeye, she falls into the shadows compared to her companion. However, this drastically changes in the 2016 edition. While cancelled early, the first five issues culminate in an amazing storyline and prove that even a discarded character can shine with the right writer. 4 out of 5 Capes (2016 Comic)


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Dan- Dream show: Agent Woo and Darcy as the Agents of Atlas! – With the end of WandaVision leaving fans dying for more, Dan has the perfection solution. Agent Woo and Darcy formed the perfect mix of confidence and humor and proved that even the b-list can shine. Agent Woo, having been part of Agents of Atlas in the comics opens an opportunity for Disney. Plenty of fans are dying for that X-Files style team-up.

Jeremy – Sysiphus: The Myth – Korean Science Fiction filled with mystery and a bit of science fiction. After four episodes, I no longer care that I’m reading subtitles and I need to know what is going to happen between the genius engineer searching for answers about his brother’s death and an elite warrior from the future trying to protect him from the Control Bureau. A little bit of Korean drama, a sprinkle of science fiction, and a story that has me guessing at what will happen next.

Deep Dive –  A New Genre of Mutants

A group of b-list mutants take center stage as a new team of X-Men. Written by Chris Claremont, this group comes together and proves that heavily flawed characters can make for a great cast. We talk about the art direction, the genre bending story-arcs, and the expansion of the X-Universe and how it translates to on screen. Major spoilers for the New Mutants movie if you haven’t seen it.


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