Superhero authors, T.L. Heinrich and Jeremy Flagg rate comics and novels for the Pull List and present shows and movies for listeners to Geek Out over. For this episode’s Deep Dive,they are talking about the limited series, WandaVision now available on Disney+. 


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Jeremy – The Immortal Hulk 1-5 – Creative team Al Ewing, Joe Bennet, Ruy Jose (Cover by Alex Ross) Pushing itself away from the typical action-adventure storylines in comics, this firmly falls into the horror genre. Bruce Banner got an arrow to the brain, leaving him a typical genius (as opposed to comic genius) and he struggles with the duality of his existence with the Hulk. The first few issues are a quality look into the mind of a vigilante, only dips into horror at a PG level. If you like the concept of the Hulk, then this is a must read as the art is amazing. However, five issues in and I find I’m getting a rehashing of the Hulk’s struggle. Where the 2018 run of Venom reinvented the ethos, this continues the same story line. Quality efforts all around, but because we’re not getting something new, I say 3.5 out of 5 Capes.


Trish-A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas– Oddly enough this book falls in line nicely with the aspects of trauma and grief that we’ll be touching on later in the show when we talk about WandaVision. This is the fifth book in the series and centers around Feyre’s sister, Nesta and Rhysands adopted brother, Cassian. The two fell in love in the third book in the series, but due to the trauma of war and loss, Nesta went into a destructive depression. The book is filled with healing and owning the strength that can come from our trauma, while also creating found family that not only understands our pain but can strengthen one another through to healing. And oh yeah: Some of the HOTTEST sex scenes I’ve ever read! 5 out of 5 capes.


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Trish-One Night In Miami-Directed by Regina King– Film is adapted from a play by the same name and is almost entirely contained in one location, on the night when Muhammad Ali (still Cassius Clay in this movie) won the Heavy Weight title. The movie focuses on Cassius, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown as they navigate turning points in all of their lives. The movie is directed by the transcendently talented Regina King (yes THAT Regina King) who should’ve gotten a best director nomination.

Jeremy – Snyder Knows How to Script a Pee Break – I’ve mocked it long enough, it’s time to admit. Snyder’s Cut is better than the original. Now let me trash the film’s shoddy story, plot holes, and relish in a director’s masturbatory fantasy that he is the one true God. Where Whedon received a solid F, this struggles to reach a D-. Snyder can’t tell a coherent story in four hours? What does man need to make that happen? Evidence of what would go wrong with a first draft? Millions in reshoots? A studio saying, “Do whatever you want?” This film was never about making a quality film, it was, and will always be about Snyder being able to say, “I made a better shitty film than Joss Whedon.”

Deep Dive –  WandaVision: Grief and Female Power

Like many, we can’t help but gush over this new chapter in Marvel’s ever-expanding universe. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany return as Wanda and Vision in this creative exploration into the world of grief. There is humor, sorrow, but most of all, a storyline that tugs at the heart, and creates a complex plot that empowers Wanda Maximoff, good and bad.

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