Each episode superhero authors, T.L. Heinrich and Jeremy Flagg rate comics and novels for the Pull List and present shows and movies for listeners to Geek Out over. For this episode’s Deep Dive, they’re looking backward at past conventions to talk about highlights and things they look forward to in future conventions.


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Jeremy – Marvel Zombies (Robert Kirkman, Sean Phillips, June Chung) This could very well be the best zombie horror I’ve come across. Unlike typical zombie stories, it focuses on the zombies more than the survivors. It isn’t about man vs. man in an attempt to wait out the hordes. Superheroes have become zombies and after feasting on the flesh of the people they were meant to protect, they become aware of their wrong doings and have to cope….until the hunger returns. This might very well be the most terrifying aspect of the comic. 5 out of 5 Capes.

Trish – An American Covenant by Lucile Scott A somewhat subversive look at the mystical movements that helped shape aspects of our American culture and the women who pioneered them.

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Trish – Godzilla vs. Kong (starring Millie Bobbie Brown, Alexander Skarsgard, Rebecca Hall, Julian Dennison)  I wasn’t here for the plot (what plot?!), I was here for the smack down, and boy did this film deliver! This was the neon colored,  Kaiju wrestling match of my inner 80’s child dreams! 

Jeremy – Chaos Walking (Starring Daisy Ridley & Tom Holland) Recently released, this novel adaptation seemed to completely slip through my radar. The premise: on a newly inhabited planet, all mens’ thoughts are audible and visible to those around them. But in a community with no women, the appearance of a female crash survivor sparks a growing list of questions. The plot is somewhat predictable, and I found myself asking questions about motivation, but the concept is nifty. I feel with more time to explore the universe, the aliens, and the history of this town, it’d be more captivating. But with the shortage of new science fiction, this quenched my thirst.

Deep Dive –  The World of Superhero Conventions

As superheroes turned from dirty secrets to mainstream media, one time small conventions have exploded across the country. Trish and Jeremy pick some of their favorite conventions, both in-person and virtual. Plenty of choking up as they explain how these bastions of geekdom provide a sense of community for fans.


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