Each episode superhero authors, T.L. Heinrich and Jeremy Flagg rate comics and novels for the Pull List and present shows and movies for listeners to Geek Out over. For this episode’s Deep Dive,  they’re delving into the powers behind the heroes, what makes for a good/bad/useless superhero ability.


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Jeremy – Age of Night – By Amanda Kahl Thanks to the Marvel App never seeming to work, I’ve decided to get my comic fix from one of my favorite indie creators. This has been an ongoing project since she was a student at Savannah College of Art & Design and I really like it for the fact it breaks out of the superhero genre. This European inspired story follows a ragtag group of travelers including a white mage, brawlers, thiefs, and a cute guy transformed into a cat. The dialogue at the start has a few clunky moments, but it finds its footing quickly. Best of all, if you’re a fan of webcomics, the story is available online for free at ageofnight.com. 4 out of 5 Capes.


Trish – The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore- not just about the history of this iconic hero, Jill dives into the significance of her origins and legacy in regard to feminism, and society at large. This book is a true deep dive into this character. 5 out of 5 Capes.

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Trish – Valley Girl (2020)-  A spunky and fun remake of the 1983 film, this musical version has it all! Teen angst, a three song mashup at a Jazzercise studio and ALL the 80’s teen romance tropes you ever wanted. It’s fun. It’s light. Watch it and don’t take it too seriously.

Jeremy – Titans Season 2 – The first season follows Raven’s emerging powers as the primary storyline, and ends at a horrible spot for a TV series. Unfortunately the story ends abruptly in season 2, but where the story goes from there is not only compelling, but a good dose of heroes in front and behind the scenes. Hefty amount of angst, but it felt appropriate for their situation. Come for Nightwing, stay for Wonder Girl swearing. I’d recommend and season three is set up to be even better!

Deep Dive –  Super Good, Super Bad, Super Useless

General Pointers discussed in this podcast:

  • Powers must somehow relate to the character, either by complimenting their personality or being in opposition to it
  • Limitations are a must, none of this magically become stronger or defying the odds at the last second
  • Highlight the ramifications of their abilities and what it means for their reality beyond the superhero world
  • Mundane powers (even the lamest) can be made useful with creative problem solving – don’t rely on easy expectations
  • Make useless abilities work for you within the context of the story, even the guy with blue skin has a story that enrich your world


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