Each episode superhero authors, T.L. Heinrich and Jeremy Flagg rate comics and novels for the Pull List and present shows and movies for listeners to Geek Out over. For this episode’s Deep Dive, they’re delving into the latest Marvel television the Falcon and Winter Soldier to discuss the good, the bad, and the missed opportunities.

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Jeremy – The Watchmen by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons One of the most iconic graphic novels ever made, The Watchmen remains undecided on if it is genius or garbage. After having a few years between readings I returned and found myself extremely captivated by its less than idealistic heroes. It demonstrates that even the best meaning people are tempted to darkness and we are ultimately left asking, “In the dawning of the superhero, who watches the Watchmen?” It’s a behemoth of a book, but despite the slow pace, I give it a 5 out of 5 Capes. Warning: There is a rape scene that is brutally candid and pulls no punches making it more disturbing than many.


Trish – Forever Never by Lucy Score Though not a superhero novel or even  a genre novel, this book is hands down one of the steamiest, most awesome romance novels I’ve ever read. It’s safe to say that Lucy Score is easily one of the best contemporary romance authors out there today. I learned A LOT about writing romance in general just from reading her books. Five out of Five capes.


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Trish – To celebrate the premier of season six of DC Legends, I’m rewatching the show starting from the very first episode, or at least I was until my husband suggested we skip to the last episode of season one. It’s been really fun to watch these characters at the beginning of their journey knowing where they will end up. Although I do miss the weird and wonderful craziness of the later seasons.

Jeremy – Shadow in the Cloud starring Chloe Grace Moretz Filmed prior to lockdown, this movie not only embodies the horrors of flying at 20,000 feet, but what can be done with a compelling storyline and a minimalist set. While some of the action (and wow, questionable motivation) is just flat out laughable, Moretz delivers an emotional performance that manages to rely almost entirely on her own abilities. Definitely something to check out if you’re not worried about some questionable moments in your period piece action film.


Deep Dive –  Falcon & Winter Soldier

Trish – I thought that overall it was a good show. The chemistry between Bucky and Sam was wonderful and complex. I loved how they showed Bucky’s struggle with rebuilding his life and making amends. And how Sam was trying to wrap his head around what it meant to be Captain America while also trying to catch up to life after coming back from the blip. I didn’t like the treatment of Sharon Carter or US Agent’s character. Carter was flat, one dimensional and dull. I feel that what they did was a betrayal of who the character was in the comics and who she was set up in the films to be. She didn’t even get to tell us her emotions or feelings because everyone else around her did that. US Agent had potential but his character arc was muddled and without clear direction. The character of Isaiah Bradley was a heartbreaking, amazing stand out played to beautiful perfection by Carl Lumbly. He has two of the best, most gut wrenching scenes in the entire show and brings up the ugly things white Americans don’t want to be cognizant of in our own history. It was the best performance of the show.

Jeremy – Is the U.S. Agent single? Cause, I have me a new man crush. Overall I was a huge fan of this because of the underlying social commentary and the logistics approach to what happened after the events of End Game. Sam and Bucky are the married couple we all crave and as their relationship blooms, you almost wonder if they’re secretly dating off screen. But there are some pacing issues that radically undermine the show. The plight of the original black Captain America is such an impactful moment mixed with heartache and fury, it is cut short by a tidy resolution. The same can be said for the rise and fall of U.S. Agent and Sharon Carter. It feels like a few episodes were knocked off for no real reason and it left a mixed taste in my mouth. I feel the writing (which got ham stringed after a near perfect WandaVision) is rushed and inconsistent which seems to run counter to much of Marvel’s master plan. But with that being said, it’s a great watch and I’d gladly sit through the whole season again. But seriously, is U.S. Agent single…

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