Each episode superhero authors, T.L. Heinrich and Jeremy Flagg rate comics and novels for the Pull List and present shows and movies for listeners to Geek Out over. For this episode’s Deep Dive, they are delving into the R rated cartoon by Robert Kirkland, Invincible.

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Jeremy – Thanks Marvel App for being a royal piece of shit. Now that I can’t load comics, I had to go old school. Why do I keep giving them money? I decided to reread Ultimate X-Men to pass the time. This is an outstanding series that builds on the mythos of X-Men. (One of the writers is Millar, we’ll come back to that name.) It twists the popular stories and makes them accessible to a new audience. The “realistic” view of X-Men won me over. I can’t give it a high enough rank. 5 out of 5 Capes.


Trish – Bootleg Springs Series by Lucy Score and Claire Kingsley-An incredibly fun and satisfying contemporary romance series, this was one of the best small town romances I’ve ever read. Each book is essentially a stand alone but there’s also an overarching mystery that is resolved spectacularly at the end of the series. 5 out of 5 capes

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Trish – Mitchell’s vs. The Machines-An incredibly fun family movie that explores relationships, technology and that good old fashioned torture: The family road trip. I laughed until my stomach hurt (weaponized, evil Furbies? Yes please!) It’s on Netflix, watch it!

Jeremy – Jupiter’s Legacy by Mark Millar. This Netflix series is an attempt to steal back the superhero audience lost by Marvel removing their Defender titles. Because the heroes are truly super, it is lacking in the special effects budget, but it’s holding its own. The story is nothing new, a super team questioning their mission, but it’s taking a practical approach to the plight of heroes and it will be interesting to see if Netflix picks it up for a second season. It might not be at the top of my watch list, but I’d continue should there be more series. 

Deep Dive –  Invincible

Trish – Thanks to Black Nerd Comedy for the recaps that I needed. This is brutal and incredible story telling that is not for the faint of heart. While it did have grim and gruesome moments, it never had the grim dark feel of the Snyder-verse (thank god)

Jeremy – 

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