Trish is working on the release of the first book of her new series, The Heroes of High Tide, as well as making a dent in writing the second book of the series. All while juggling her daughters’ insane dance class schedules!

Jeremy is working on the prequel trilogy to his first series in the Children of Nostradamus Universe. He is also collaborating with Amanda Kahl (author of Age of Night) on his first comic book.

This month in Pop-Culture History

  • The first issue of Batman Year One by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli hit the shelves in 1987
  • In 1997 the Simpsons made history by surpassing the Flintstones as the longest-running animated show on TV
  • Deadpool the Merc with a Mouth, celebrates his birthday.

Geek Outs 

Trish’s Geek Out!

Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries: This show is the swanky, sexy cousin of Agatha Christie. Miss Fisher is a rich socialite living in Australia post WWI and is a licensed PI who solves murders. The supporting characters are three dimensional and interesting in their own rights with character arcs that make you almost wish a few of them had their own show. Miss Fisher is sexy, smart and adventurous, with a traumatic past that has left her strong and sympathetic to those weaker than her. It’s actually refreshing to meet a heroine who has suffered great loss and abuse and has risen to the top without shame about those scars. The slow burn romance between her and the inspector is one of the most delicious things I’ve seen in a long time. I dare anyone to watch and not swoon over Inspector Jack and his hound dog eyes and gravely, dry humor. These two better get together at the end of all this!

A movie is coming out this year as a kind of season four and looks like it should continue the fun, danger, romance and mystery this show has been known for.

Check out the Season one Trailer

Jeremy’s Geek Out!

Picard. The Star Trek decades in the making and the series geeks have been screaming for. Sir Patrick Stewart reprises his role as Jean Luc Picard, but twenty years after The Next Generation. Not all is well in Star Fleet as a near catastrophic event threatens to wipe out the Romulans. The backstory is beautifully woven into our reintroduction to Picard, a former admiral. But what is the actual story? With a ban on synthetics, we discover there is a new form of artificial intelligence, the daughter of our beloved Data. 

The series promises an empire level look at the status of Star Fleet and their allies and even foes. But ultimately, Picard’s duty to do right in the face of impossible odds will be the driving force. For those former Star Trek fans, we’ve already had one cameo, and by the looks of it, this will be the show that brings the all stars back together. 

Picard releases on Thursdays on the CBS app. However if you hurry, you can watch the first episode on YouTube.


Deep Dive (Spoiler Alert)

The Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover and the end of Arrow

The end of an era has wrapped up. The show that started the DC / CW craze, Arrow ended in a five episode crossover event. While it’s a bitter sweet ending and Trish mourns the death of Oliver Queen, the overarching reaction is a resounding “meh.” Sloppy writing is coated over with fan service as the CW brings in nearly every incarnation of previous superhero shows including Lucifer, Smallville, animated voice actors, Brandon Routh’s Superman and the Flash. The ultimate surprise however was the connection to DCU’s cinematic universe as the Justice League’s Flash had a brief cameo possibly connecting the two. Despite the jagged plot, poor use of characters, it did allow for a unifying of all CW shows into a singular universe and a soft reboot of the Flash and Supergirl (shows threatening to go stale.) So where does it leave us? Hopeful.

Question of the Week

If you could have any superhero brought to television and done well, who would it be?