Trish – Working on Fire & Ice, Book two Heroes of High Tide and bingeing season three of Miss Fisher so I can watch the movie.

Jeremy – Just sent, “We Must Endure” off to the editor and got a chance to put together my box set for the Night Quartet and the pre-order is live.

This month in Pop-Culture History

  • 1564 William Shakespeare was born (we think)
  • 1970 an oxygen tank exploded in space on Apollo 13. The crew never made it to the moon but they did survive to tell the tale.
  • 1992 the first discoveries of planets outside our solar system were announced by Alexander Wolszczan & Dale Frail. The planets orbit the pulsar PSR 1257+12.

Geek Outs!

Trish- History documentaries on YouTube. The She-Wolves of England and History Buff

Jeremy- Also, history documentaries? I’ve been watching WWII documentaries to help fill out the world in the Daughter of Nostradamus series. To help make it more “me” I even started watching comic book documentaries about the Golden Age of Comics. I finally understand the appeal of Archie Comics!

Deep Dive: Galaxy Quest 

The overall feel of the movie is a love letter to fans of great science fiction movies and TV; specifically Star Trek. The movie respects fans, and is full of heart. Though written as a comedy, it was directed as a drama, meaning that the characters took everything seriously.

The cast is a who’s-who of actors from TV and Film, some known at the time and others just breaking out. Sigourney Weaver is the only one who had experience filming anything Sci-Fi. And Tim Allen wasn’t the first choice to play the leader fo the intrepid crew of the Protector.

This movie was pure lightning in a bottle. None of it should have worked. Everything about it was a risk and on paper, it looked insane. But, it did work and is considered a classic Sci-Fi Comedy.

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