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This month in Pop-Culture History- Summer Blockbuster Edition 1990’s


  • 1993 Jurassic Park is the third highest-grossing film of the decade. The T. Rex occasionally malfunctioned, due to the rain. Producer Kathleen Kennedy recalls, “The T. Rex went into the heebie-jeebies sometimes. Scared the crap out of us. “
  • 1994 Forrest Gump is the fourth highest grossing film of the decade. Tom Hanks was not paid for the film and instead took percentage points which netted him 40 million dollars
  • 1997 Men In Black is the ninth highest grossing film of the decade. Vincent D’Onofrio researched bugs for his role, he wore knee braces and taped his ankles to get the iconic gait that he had. Also, Will Smith did not believe that Steven Spielberg was on the phone offering him the part.


Geek Outs!

Trish- Schitt’s Creek: frigging HILARIOUS!!! This show featuring a real life father and son team is both outlandish and humorous. It’s a feel good watch that keeps it light. This is a family you love to loathe.

Jeremy- To celebrate Pride Month, Jeremy is binging Queer Eye. It’s the perfect feel-good show that has plenty of moments that cause happy tears. It’s a great offset to rewatching every X-Men animated series ever made (he’s obsessive, he knows that he needs help.)

Deep Dive- What Makes a Great Villain?

Note: We want to include a trigger warning as one of the villains discussed has a horrific rape plot point.

It’s not enough to have an outstanding hero, there needs to be an antagonist that can truly stand out in the plot. We remember these duos long after we forget about plots. This is just as important in superhero novels, sometimes even more so since the villain must shine beyond their powers.

When a villain is executed poorly, we gravitate toward the other characters. We delve into the female villains who gain agency and command their sexuality. Then there is a lengthy discussion about villains designed to be hated versus villains with an almost redeemable quality. 

QotW: What hero would you want to be, and what hero would you most likely be?