Today we are going to be pitting our favorite superhero teams and solo heroes against one another, and discussing the victors. But first, a little Pop Culture History.

POP CULTURE HISTORY – Summer Blockbuster Edition-the 00’s

  • 2000 X-Men is released and becomes one of the summers’ top blockbuster films. Trivia: Rebecca Romijn was isolated in a windowless room between takes to keep her look a secret, she endured nine hours of prosthetic makeup application to 60% of her body every day of filming, the contacts were so irritating to her eyes and limiting to her vision that she could only wear them an hour at a time before needing a break. She describes her experience filming this movie as “hell”. Bryan Singer rather infamously was angry that she couldn’t be “more naked” during filming (because he’s a toxic douche bro).  Also: Hugh Jackman’s testicles got caught in his harness after jumping off the sets Statue of Liberty during filming. OUCH!


  • 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine is released and is one of the summer’s blockbusters, (though no one knows why). Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds were disappointed with this film (you weren’t the only ones!) Reynolds got a second shot at playing Deadpool when the X-Universe was reset (thank god!) Hugh Jackman was offered the role of Tony Stark/Ironman and turned it down to do this film, so Robert Downey Jr. was cast instead. Magneto and Professor X were going to get origin story films but those were scrapped for X-Men First Class.



Trish – I’m late to the party again and have just discovered Avatar the Last Airbender on Netflix. This show is so good! Complexe storytelling, funny, sweet with beautiful world-building.

Jeremy – I’ve been watching some award-winning indie films. The one I’d recommend is Starfish, an apocalyptic end of the world movie starring Virginia Gardner (who you might know as Karolina Dean from Marvel’s Runaways.) 

DEEP DIVE – Team-Up vs. Team-Up & Lone Wolf vs. Lone Wolf? 


Guardians of the Galaxy vs. X-Men
Young Justice vs. Justice League
Avengers vs. Fantastic Four Surprise Win to Franklin Richards
A-Force vs Birds of Prey

Lone Wolves:

She-Hulk vs. Supergirl
Wonder Woman vs. Ms. Marvel
Black Widow vs. Batwoman
Emma Frost vs. Harley Quinn 

QotW: What superhero do you want us to pair up with a food that represents their personality? (Superman would totally be carrot sticks)


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