For this week’s episode of Geekorama, we’re always thinking about superheroes. We’re also experts in the snack department, so of course, we have to combine our love of food and heroes. So today we’ll be talking about which food pairs with your favorite heroes.

Pop-Culture History – Summer Blockbuster Edition-the 10’s

  • 2010 Iron Man 2 Trivia: Tony Stark’s car was supposed to be Iron Man red but in a very in-character move, RDJ insisted on driving the blue and white one. Scarlet Johansen dyed her hair red before she was offered the part because she wanted it so badly. She also trained for the six weeks leading up to filming as well as the entire six months of filming. 
  • 2019 Avengers End Game Trivia: RDJ was the ONLY  actor that read the entire script (whether due to overachiever OR the fact that everyone didn’t get a complete script), much of the dialogue about time travel was from actual quantum scientists, Evangelin Lilly and Paul Rudd filmed this and Ant-Man and the Wasp at the same time.


Trish – Lucifer on Netflix. Only criticism (and it’s a big one) is that there are not enough people of color who are NOT antagonists.

Jeremy – R.I.P Ian Holmes. In tribute, I watched the first Alien (in 4K) and spent nearly the entire thing reading trivia about the story behind its creation. My love for H.R. Gieger persists.

Deep Dive – Superhero Personalities as…Snacks

We talked about twenty supers, but here’s a quick taste:

  • Wolverine
  • She-Hulk
  • Spiderman
  • Blade

To find out what their snack personalities are and to see the whole list, tune in!

QotW:  What snack will you be eating when you watch WandaVision?


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